About 3M’s Code of Conduct

3M has an excellent reputation for doing business the right way and our Code of Conduct embodies our core values. Those values have not changed over time. The principles in the Code remain consistent with 3M's longstanding business conduct principles, its values, and our shared ethical standards for conducting business with integrity. The Code is your guide for answering questions or solving ethical problems when the right choice may not be clear.

  • Who must follow the Code?

    3M's Code applies to 3M employees and third-party customers and vendors who act on 3M's behalf.  We are all expected to live 3M's values and comply with 3M's Code.  Together, we ensure the continued success of 3M and protect our longstanding reputation for doing the right thing, always and everywhere.

  • What does the Code require 3M employees to do?

    You are expected to be familiar with and to follow 3M's Code. You must exercise good judgment in your decisions for 3M, always in a way that is consistent with the Code. 

    You are also expected to support others' compliance with the Code, which means that you must report suspected Code violations.

    Employees who fail to comply with 3M's Code may face discipline, up to and including termination of employment, unless prohibited by local country law.

    Third parties who work on 3M's behalf are required to comply with 3M's Code. If they fail to do so, they may be barred from working with 3M in the future.

    The core expectations are as follows:

    • Understand and comply with the law and 3M's Code.
    • Help build 3M's ethical culture:
      • Act with integrity and transparency
      • Report suspected violations of the law or this Code
      • Get help with tough decisions
    • Fully cooperate in company investigations.
    • Never retaliate against anyone who reports a business conduct concern.
      • Non-Retaliation Policy

    No sale or business advantage is worth sacrificing our corporate reputation.

  • What does the Code require 3M management to do?

    Supervisors and managers set the tone for their teams.  They are often the first place employees turn to with questions.  Supervisors and managers are required to:
    • Set a strong example of ethical conduct.
    • Provide training, education, and resources to support employees in complying with the Code.
    • Ensure their employees take their business conduct courses and certify compliance with the Code.
    • Prevent and prohibit retaliation.
    • Encourage employees to speak up if they have questions or concerns.
    • Discipline misconduct and reward good behavior.
    • Follow 3M's escalation requirements and be aware that some issues have mandatory escalation requirements.
    To learn more, please see the Compliance Principle in our Code.