Temporary Traffic Control

Help protect drivers, workers and all road users. Increase mobility.

  • 3M is committed to helping you design safer work zones and traffic management through the use of highly visible sheeting for devices and removable pavement markings for roadways. When combined, these high-performing retroreflective technologies help road users navigate unfamiliar roads.

A highway worker with a yellow hard hat hugs a child and smiles.
3M Temporary Traffic Solutions

Planning for temporary traffic control

Components for positive guidance to help keep everyone safe.

Given the unique needs of work zones, highly visible retroreflective technology can help provide positive guidance both day and night. This guidance is critical for the safety of drivers and workers alike. Effective signage, temporary pavement markings, and traffic control devices can provide enhanced visibility and improved safety by alerting motorists to changes in conditions and road work location, change in speed, road configuration and more.

  • A highway work zone with traffic passing by orange road construction signs.
    Early-recognition visibility

    The sooner drivers and pedestrians recognize they are entering a work or construction zone, the safer they and workers in the work zone can be.

    Work zone conditions can easily compromise the positioning and visibility of traffic control devices. Better, more visible, signs attract the driver’s attention sooner, for earlier comprehension and a more natural, timely driving reaction among other drivers and workers nearby.

    To learn more on sign retroreflectivity, read our blog article, What is Retroreflectivity & Why is it Important? and watch our video.

  • Orange, green and yellow fluorescent traffic sheeting reflects light.
    Around-the-clock visibility

    Regardless of available light, highly conspicuous fluorescent material's are recognized at greater distances with more accurate color perception than nonfluorescent colored products.*

    To learn more about the importance of fluorescent materials, read our blog article, Fluorescent Traffic Signs Explained and watch our video.

    *Evaluation of Fluorescent Orange Signs, Texas Transportation Institute, TDOT, TX-00/2962-S, 2000

  • A highway at night with bright, reflective pavement markings.
    All Weather performance

    Temporary traffic zones exist in all types of seasons and all sorts of weather conditions.

    Wet reflective pavement markings work with water to remain highly visible in rain and wet road conditions. The retroreflective continuous delineation emphasizes lane shifts in low-visibility conditions.

    As shown in the video above, applying wet reflective pavement markings for traffic changeovers can be critical to helping drivers navigate work zones safely—especially during rainy weather.

Traffic drives through a highway work zone with temporary traffic control devices.
Work Zone Best Practices

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Featured Product: 3Mᵀᴹ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Series 7300

  • Orange, yellow and white rolls of 3M™ Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade Sheeting Series 7300.

    Series 7300 can be easily applied to a variety of traffic control devices such as barricades, posts, tubes and drums - helping to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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