Traffic drives through a highway work zone with temporary traffic control devices.

Best Practices in Work Zone Safety

Helping you design some of the safest possible solutions for less than perfect conditions.

Importance of a Proper Work Zone

  • Temporary traffic control devices in a nighttime road work zone are illuminated by headlights.

    In 2016, there were 683 fatal work zone crashes and 765 work zone fatalities in the U.S. alone. Of those fatalities, 143 involved road workers and 109 involved pedestrians. Around the world, there are over 1 billion vehicles on the road and over $837 billion in annual global road infrastructure spending.

    There are more drivers, work zones and hazards on the roads than ever before. It’s important to plan work zones that use highly-visible devices to protect both workers and drivers while also maintaining efficient traffic flow.

    In our Work Zone Safety eBook you will read more details on:

    • Road User and Worker Safety - Getting to Zero Deaths
    • Traffic Mobility
    • Public Perception

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Work Zone Safety Planning: Things to keep in mind

  • A truck carries orange and white plastic safety drums for highway construction.

    The vehicles we drive and the roads we share are constantly evolving—more miles, more distractions, more hazards. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you design work zones for the present and the future:

    • Work Zone Safety Challenges
    • Trends in Work Zone Safety Planning
    • Regulations for Layout and Design

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Steps to Improve Work Zone Planning

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    Improving safety in work zones is a significant challenge. Find ways to foresee potential hazards, effectively train crews, and clearly communicate with the workers, drivers and pedestrians on the road.

    Four key areas to focus on when improving your work zone include:

    • Budgeting for an Effective Work Zone
    • Spec'ing for Devices and Reflective Materials
    • Establishing Compliance Mechanisms
    • Selecting a Reputable Traffic Control Company

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